What was your favorite MMO experience?

Discussion in 'Silver Flagon Tavern' started by Vastiner, Apr 16, 2017.

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    I'm sure we all have that one experience that always brings a smile to your face whenever something reminds you of the good old times. Mine is without a doubt back in my Age of Conan days.

    First, a little backstory:

    For the majority of my time in AoC I was part of a small guild of highly skilled PvPers. I say this because you needed to pass three "trials" to become a member.
    1. Impress a current member with your PvP skill enough for them to sponsor your application.
    2. Fight five of their members in one on one combat. You did not need to win, just do well enough to earn the approval of at least three. (I literally ate the guild leader's heart during my trial. <3 my HoX fatalities)
    3. Join them on an open-world PvP skirmish and prove you work well in a team.
    You needed to pass all three trials and they were not just for show. In my time I saw at least ten people fail and were not accepted as members. I know it sounds like this group was mean spirited but they really weren't. They simply enjoyed RP-PvP and the trials were part of the RP experience.

    Our small group wasn't that into crafting or gathering as a whole but we still wanted to develop our guild city. In order to help raise funds for this (and just have a great time) we would go out into the world and claim high traffic areas as our territory. One of our favorites was a road leading to a large desert city called Kheshatta. Whenever a player would try to pass by, we would stop them and demand a tax. If they paid, they were allowed to travel on for the rest of the day. If they refused, we sent them back to the rez pad.

    Now obviously this was the cause of a great many fun open world PvP brawls, but that isn't the experience that comes to my mind when I think of "my favorite". One night I was patrolling that road and I encountered a barbarian trying to get to the city. As usual I stopped him with a CC and demanded a tax. By his gear I could tell he was a newer player and was likely going to ignore me or fight, but to my surprise he turned and started talking. He introduced himself as a humble warrior who had nothing but the weapon on his back and his quest for vengeance upon those who killed his family. I responded in character that I sympathized with his situation but the toll must be paid. He opened up a trade window and put in some random piece of vendor trash. Obviously I couldn't accept just that as I could kill a random mob and get three of them but before I was able to respond, he surprised me with an emote that made the night one that I'll always remember. He RPed cutting his own ear off and offered it to me as payment. I had no choice but to accept and allow him to go on his way. That worthless piece of vendor trash became so much more in that one instant.

    The next day I presented the Humble Warrior's Ear to my guild leader and it became the center of our guild RP for months to come. We created a sacred position within the ranks named "Keeper of the Ear" and held tournaments with it as the grand prize. Only our most skilled warriors were allowed to keep it safe from would-be thieves. One of our members left our guild to join a friend of his while he was Keeper of the Ear and we launched this huge RP event to get it back from the betrayer. When we found him in the open world, a big guild vs guild skirmish took place. It was one of the best open world skirmishes I was ever part of. After we won, he opened up a trade with us and gave back the worthless vendor trash item. The Humble Warrior's Ear was safely back where it belonged.

    It was situations like that that made my time in Age of Conan so special.
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    That is a great story!! I have so many on AOC... DDO as well!! Hmm... I even have a SWTOR story. I'm not the best story teller sadly...... @Zsolaith was hired for this very reason.

    I seriously enjoyed OSD being and underdog in many of our AOC battles. I truly loved when we'd somehow manage to come out on top. It was so fulfilling! Granted, we've been stomped as well. haha The rush of battle.... and the brilliance some of our members exhibited... *sigh* such a magical feeling.

    @Sprig ,to me was by FAR the best commander on mass PVP I have ever gamed with.... he was pure brilliance! THAT made it fun. Ohhhh... I have stories. I used to LOVE... when powerful guilds would tip their hats. haha Good stuff! OSD makes me proud.... We've accomplished some amazing things.

    More to come... I'm sure.

    @Wulfmeyr ...just recalled... You brought a lot of "tactical" ideas.... damn that was fun!
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    @Sook, if I was hired as a storyteller, I don't recall ever receiving my pay cheque!!!

    To be honest, there are so many memories in AoC. It was like an ongoing television series, each time similar to another episode. When I get home from my commute I'll post some memories here.

    @Zuggergris. "Clickitty balls!"
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    My job? It's killing me, thanks for asking.
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    You know, the Ear Story Vastiner tells reminds me of the whole "ear" thing we had a story revolving around. A very long, in depth tale of Maarcus' ear.

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