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    Joining the Order of the Silver Dragons Gaming Community (Step-by-Step)

    It is recommended that you open a separate tab so that you may reference this guide through out the process. Be sure to follow all 4 steps:
    Read:Our Philosophy
    Read:Our Code of Conduct
    I. Register / Create an User Account
    II. Introductory Post in Silver Gates
    Create a Forum Signature
    IV. How to get Discord

    If you have any questions at all about our Code of Conduct or Philosophy or any of the other items on this list, you can contact an officer in game (assuming you have access) or post questions in a reply to your Introductory Post (Step II).

    Full forum access is only given when all the steps required to join are completed as per this guide.

    I. Register/ Create an User Account

    It is recommended you come up with a unique name or handle to go by that will set you apart from others and also add to the immersion into the games we play. Your forum user name does not need to match your in game name, though it is important to note them in your forum signature (Step III). Please see the OSD Code of Conduct for our naming policy. Here is a link to help you come up with a unique name: (

    Clicking HERE to register / sign up.
    (Also Located on the Top Right side of the Webpage)​

    You will receive a registration email. Please click on the link in that email to finalize the registration process. Please make sure and check your junk folders if for some reason you are showing you did not received that email.

    II. Introductory Post

    We just put together a couple of questions to allow us to get to know a little about you. Please have fun with it. If the question seems too personal for you to answer then respond to it as you, the gamer. Introductions are posted in the Silver Gates. If needed, feel free to read over other members who have posted for examples.

    Here is how to post your Introduction:
    1. Please highlight and copy the Application Questionnaire found HERE.
    2. Click on the following link ... (Silver Gates).
    3. Click on "
    + Post New Thread" at the top right side.
    4. Paste the questions in the text body and answer each question after the "A." that follows the question. Please
    take your time to answer the questions fully.
    5. Hit "Create Thread" when complete.

    Please be aware as you are entering into this "process" of becoming part of this community, we want our OSD community to respond to your application before approving permissions. Some members might ask for elaboration on certain answers to get a better feel of who you are and if this community is a fit for you. This process could take up to 48 hours. The more interactive you are the faster it usually goes, so please check back frequently. You might receive a few questions or comments from members of the community. We also encourage you to reply to your own posting with any questions you might have for us.

    Note : If your introduction is lacking you may be asked to take the time to revisit the questions before you are accepted.

    An in game officer will notify you in a reply to your posting and try to find the best way of getting you into the in game guild. Often times you'll be provided a link to help you locate vital information to that Chapter (or game) through which you can join.

    III. Create a Forum Signature

    Your forum signature will help identify you to members who may know you under a different name(s) in game. It can be used to inform people of all the games you play, or have played, and all your character names so as to avoid confusion. It will appear on all of your forum postings.

    Here is how you create your signature:
    1. Click on your Forum Name Account (Right Side) and pick Signature from the drop down menu,
    (2nd Item down on Left)
    2. In the text area please list your characters by name and game.
    3. You can “Preview Signature” if you want to see what it will look like in the Forums. When you are satisfied with the
    formatting of the information you input, click “Save Changes” located under the text box.

    Note: These same steps can be used to update your signature in the future. Please update your signature frequently to avoid confusion.

    IV. How to Get on Discord

    While you wait for approval, you can join us in Discord which is our VOIP and social group chat platform. You can download Discord HERE then use the link on the front page of this site to access our server. It is one of the fastest way to get to know people in OSD. Please try to use your forum or in-game-name to help everyone develop a connection with who you are.

    You will start off in the #Welcome Channel until you get permissions. If you can give one of the moderators your Forum Name it will help with getting you correct permissions faster, as we like to verify things initially.

    Once approved, we understand you might not be a forum "junkie," but we encourage, and are looking for active members who will be with OSD for more than just one game. Your participation in the forums and Discord shows us you're looking to be with us for years to come. To become an officer in any chapter it is all but required that you be active on both. So please check the forums regularly and participate in group chat in Discord.

    Thank you for your participation and we're looking forward to bringing you into the Order of the Silver Dragons!
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