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    Guild Philosophy

    The Order of the Silver Dragon (OSD) is a long-standing multi-chapter gaming community that was founded in 2006, and exists well beyond any one game, being involved in many gaming environments.

    What makes OSD unique is our ongoing commitment to mature interactions, our proud display of civility and concern, our desire for adventure, and our healthy placement of value on individual effort and communication. We are known across many gaming servers for taking the high road when situations arise, and we pride ourselves in the knowledge that we will always strive to help others. Our continued success stems directly from OSD officers of this community whom take it upon themselves to uphold these virtues, reminiscent of the fabled Knights of the Round Table, which in turn are mimicked by the community of players within the guild. The source of the success of the officers derives from the wisdom of their community leaders, who have been instrumental in the formation of such a strong community.

    OSD consistently leverages our community talents and imaginations to enhance the gaming experience. Definitely not a hard-core guild, our maturity level allows absolute respect for the various playing styles of the community. However, we absolutely still engage in competitive play! Recruitment is an on-going active event between our current members, the leadership, and the person who wants to join OSD. The online forums symbolize the key to this success, being the heart and blood of this organization.

    OSD is generally a "casual, do it all" guild, meaning we welcome players from all playstyles and do not limit our focus to one playstyle in particular. We welcome PvPers, PvEers, Roleplayers, Crafters, etc. While we may offer weekly raids, we are not a hardcore raiding guild that requires you to raid 5 or 6 nights a week. We also do not consider any one playstyle to be more important than another; all members of OSD are equal. For example, a hardcore PvPer will never be considered "more valuable" to the guild than a casual Roleplayer would be.

    We are all proud to be members of the OSD.

    What We Offer

    • A commercial-grade forum that is very active. Our members actively talk within the various gaming communities, as well as discussions of both present and future games for the PC, Xbox, PlayStation, etc. There are also forums for general chatter regarding technical issues, books, movies, and music... pretty much anything that comes to mind.
    • A Discord server. This is used for raids, groups, pick-up groups...or just to hang out for relaxation with your fellow friends and colleagues.
    • A full calendar system with robust event scheduling allowing for a comment section to accompany RSVP's.
    • Support and resources inside of the gaming chapter. Our members are never left out in the cold. We take pride in helping out our members with whatever they need across our various gaming chapters.
    • Security in numbers. Our members are devoted to working together which allows you to quest and adventure in the world with security and peace of mind.
    • Information and mentors. OSD cultivates the resources to help people learn within each specific game and become more skilled. Many of our highly-skilled veterans are at the top of their class just waiting to pass on their knowledge to others.

    Interested or have questions?

    Becoming a part of a guild is a step towards joining a family. If you are interested in learning more about our community, please register on our website.
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