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    Code of Conduct

    These are the rules, regulations, and guidelines that OSD uses and follows. All guild members are expected to follow these guidelines and conduct themselves in accordance with them at all times. Failure to do so will be considered a violation of this code, and may result in disciplinary action up to and including removal from the guild.

    General Guidelines

    1. Real Life First -
    We all have families, we all have loved ones. And so we all know that real life comes before the game and the guild no matter what the circumstance is. No member will ever be expected to put the game or the Guild over their own personal life.

    2. User Agreements and Terms of Service -
    All members are expected to read and follow the written rules and policies of their game's and TeamSpeak3's UELA and any other company/organization/product we make use. This includes the rules and policies for any game/guild related websites and message boards. If you break their rules, then you are breaking our code.

    3. Guild Leadership
    Your Leaders and Officers are your Leadership Team. Our objective is to provide you with as much guidance and assistance as possible within your division. However, everybody in OSD is considered to be equal to each other. No individual will ever be given preferential treatment over another. Also, we are not your superiors. You will never hear us order you to run to X_Zone and help Player_01 with his quest right now. However, if you are doing something that is in violation of our Code of Conduct, an Officer will inform you of what you are doing wrong, and that you need to take corrective action.

    4. Fellow Guild Members
    All members are expected to treat each other with integrity and respect. Do not ever berate, steal from, harass, or intimidate a Guild Member. We are all on the same team, and in order to be successful we need to work together. Any disputes should be settled in a mature manner, and Officer-Mediation will be available if it is needed. Please try to settle any disputes in private, there is no need to throw spit around in Guild Chat or on the forums.

    5. Good of the Guild
    All members are asked to place the good of the Guild as a whole over their own personal benefit wherever possible. For example, if you are off soloing and doing your own thing and the Guild needs a raid spot filled, we do request that you help out and fill the spot if possible. This is not a requirement by any means, but we do appreciate it when a member helps the Guild out when asked.

    6. Communications
    All members are expected to uphold respectful conduct when communicating with other players and Guild Members. This applies to in-game situations, and on guild/game related websites and message boards. The general rule of thumb is to treat people how you would like to be treated in return.

    7. Guild Website
    We do ask that you stay active on the OSD website as much as possible. We do not expect anybody to become a forum junkie by any means. But we do expect our members to cast their votes on any polls we put up, give input in any posts we make asking for opinions, and so on.

    8. Discord
    Discord is an all-in-one voice and text chat for gamers that’s free, secure, and works on both your desktop and phone. We have a Discord server available to our members. We strongly suggest you log into our server whenever you are playing however, it is not a requirement. The only time we require Discord is during organized guild events, such as raids/operations or PvP groups. Even then, you do not have to speak if you don't want to, so long as you are on to listen to Leadership instructions. Please use your your In Game Character Name while in Discord to help everyone get to know you easier. You can find a widget on our homepage which you can use to log into our server

    In-Game Conduct

    1. Avoid Griefing -
    Griefers/Griefing - These are players who constantly harass and berate other players with the intention of causing them grief, making them angry, and/or upsetting them. We have a ZERO TOLERANCE policy on griefers. If you grief, you will be guild kicked, plain and simple.

    What you do and How do you do it during game play has a direct impact on the reputation and standing of the Guild. The community within the game will judge our Guild based on the words and actions it sees coming from our members. For this reason, the Guild’s reputation and standing is paramount within every game we have a presence. It is really quite simple, if we are known as respectable players, then the community will show us respect in return. If we are known as a bunch of grievers (aka Griefers) and spawn-campers, we will not be shown that respect.

    2. Trash Talking -
    We have a ZERO TOLERANCE policy on trash talking. Do not do it. If you do, you will be guild kicked. Keep it respectful.
    All in all, have a good time out there but please try to maintain a certain level of respectability. There is nothing wrong with tipping your hat to a difficult opponent, it shows maturity and respect towards other skilled players. I am sure you will all agree that it is much nicer to hear "Hey, good fight dude!" as opposed to "Ur m0mma is teh suXx0r with c0mbat b00ts!!1!" after encounters. As stated above, if you show respect to other players, you and OSD will usually receive that same respect in return.

    3. Character Naming Policy -
    OSD has earned the reputation of being a guild that prides itself on respect, maturity and integrity. As such we expect characters wearing the OSD tag to show respect, maturity, integrity. It is recommended you come up with a unique name or handle to go by that will set you apart from others and also add to the immersion into the games we play. Please follow the rules and suggestions listed below.

    • Names which are immature, vulgar, or offensive in nature will not be accepted. (Darth Penis, Master Baiter, Dr Nipple, Suckit Nerds, etc.)

    • Names which are based on popular and/or well-known real-world figures can spark controversy and are to be avoided and maybe rejected. (Barrak Ohbamma, Laydee GahGah, George Lukaas, etc.)

    • Names which are copies, forms, inclusions of in game lore characters, or known to popular culture should also be avoided and may be rejected. (Iam Sephiroth, Drizzz'ttt, Nuke Piewalker, Legsolass, Catness Everfail, etc

    Here is a links to help you come up with a unique name ... (

    Note: Each Division's Leadership Team will have the final say on whether any given name violates our naming policy or not. We understand that there can be a fine line when it comes to character names, and sometimes a "borderline" name may be brought to our attention. As a result, we will strive to remain as fair as possible when questioning any given name.

    4. Roleplaying -
    We do not require our members to roleplay, but we do encourage it if there is an event for it. With that said, if you end up at a roleplaying event, please try to stay in character while you are there. We do require that you respect roleplayers, and roleplaying in general. Any form of roleplay griefing will not be tolerated.

    One Rule to Rule Them All:

    Do unto others as you would have others do unto you.

    And last but certainly not least, the most important rule: HAVE FUN!!! We want everybody to enjoy their time playing. We look forward to building each Division into a strong force and progressing through the game with all of you. See you in game!
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