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    1: Which game(s) are you currently interested in playing with us?
    A:ddo swtor

    Q 2: Do you currently have characters playing in game? If so, What is the name of your in game character and what server are they on?
    A:beowolffms on arrgonn swtor ebon hawk Beowulf and quiet a few others lol

    Q 3: Guilds can serve many roles, and as with most things, expectations matter. In order to get a better feel for whether this is a good fit, we would like to know what you look for in a guild.
    A: looking for a laid back casual guild who likes to have fun drama free elitist jack off free doesn’t mind heplping each other rather it’s advice on how to build a char better how to use dps rotations to make you a better player doing raids dungeons or just screwing around

    Q 4: When and How often do you usually play? This is so we know when to look for you in game and get you in the Guild. (Please add your time zone in the answer)
    A:my times are kinda radon through out week wed Thursday usually always on due to off days mondays at times 5 pm eastern rest days usually after eight

    Q 5: Tell us a little about your experience with MMOs. Which MMOs have you played and how long have you played them? Please share one of your favorite memories in a MMO you have played.
    A:eek:h god uhhh fav mmo lineage 1 can’t remember age had to be 12? 13? Maybe long time ago and can’t list all mmos im kinda a whore on them lol you name it I’ve prob played it and fav Memorie would have to be ragnrok online had like 5 friends I was really tight with we would hang out and just talk and screw around on the fields farming doesn’t sound like much but if you knew us it was a trip

    Q 6: What is the best game you have ever played and why?
    A: you guys re making this really tough jeesh uhh quake,Diablo,CHRONO trigger,earthbound,secret of mana why they are my favorites because quake to me was ahead of its time for. 3D shooter level design with the medieval theme was amazing team fortress couldn’t get any better screw that half life crap. Version Diablo just a huge fan of the rpg series CHRONO earth bound som
    The story the music my god the music for Chrono yes just really drew you into the games shame they don’t make more like them now a days jut feels so rushed and not thought out

    Q 7: Are there any upcoming games you're interested in playing?
    A: I’m just going to leave this blank lol like I said on mmo I’m a gaming fanatic it’s ahuge huge hoobie so to long to list the games

    Question Category - Community
    OSD is a group of folks that has gamed together for more than ten years, many of us consider this group as extended family. The following questions help us to understand who YOU are as a person, not just a gamer. As we are more than just a gaming community we like to get to know a little about the folks that want to be part of it.

    Q 8: OSD advertises on various gaming websites, Facebook, Twitter, and in the games that we are playing. The following questions will help us know what formats are working and where we can improve. Who or What brought you to our Gates?
    A: did a search for guilds and saw a thread on ddo forum from long ago

    Q 9: There are many ways to engage and get the full guild experience with OSD. How often do you see yourself using the Forums / Discord rather than in-game to interact with the community?
    A: to be truthful I hate forums I rarely ever post discord only when it’s needed for a raid

    Q 10: Please tell us a little about yourself. No need to be too explicit. We don’t need your home address or shoe size. Let us know about your hobbies if you have them. Do you have family? Pets? Work? Do you plan to conquer the world by using Lucky Rabbit’s feet or some other crazy idea? (This is probably one of the biggest questions on this application as it lets you tell us about you.)
    A: hoobies I collect video games I’m a huge huge dork/nerd and proud of it people don’t like it they can bite me lol I’m a manager at a 2nd hand store been there for almost 14 years now pretty much an open book will answer any questoins with in reason and star war for life Star Trek can go bye bye ;p

    Q 11: Is bacon awesome? What form does bacon manifest in your dreams?
    A: who comes up with these questoin if you don’t like bacon we can’t be friends

    And will let ya know made a new guy it’s who I posted the name as lvl 3 right now two dwarf who dualing dwarfed battle axes I know the thing said lvl 10 but figure I would take my shot to join up with you guys figured be up right about the level
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    Hey dude... OSD hasn't been active in a structured way in DDO for some time now. That said, you'll be able to find some members playing the game, I'm sure of it. Search in game and connect... You'll find that the die hards that have stuck with it are some pretty great people.

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