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Dec 5, 2019
Aug 12, 2008
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November 15
Toronto, Ont, Canada

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Noble Dragon, from Toronto, Ont, Canada

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Dec 5, 2019
    1. Mixter Yosei Hecate
      Mixter Yosei Hecate
      -snip- Sent via PM
    2. Zsolaith
      We own the entire 4 maps, so there was nothing to do for the rest of the week. So everyone went into dungeons. :)
    3. sithlordmoore
      Did the WvWvW fall through?
    4. illelement
      Hey, I am definitely interested in your GW2 guild and willing to join. Just let me know what I need to do. I need to transfer though.
    5. bushiro
      Very cool website looks like tons of stuff going on
    6. lycropath
      Hey Zso, i saw the event your holding on saturday for a great-n-meet. just wondering what the ventrilo channel will be?
    7. sithlordmoore
      I will be unable to attend the meeting tonight due to a family BBQ for the "24th of July" which is a holiday here in Utah... Mormons coming to Utah = All future Utah residents getting the day off.

      I might catch you guys if you are on at a later time.
    8. sithlordmoore
      If you guys are still up and running in about 20 minutes I will hop on! Just buying my nanananananana BATMAN! Tickets...
    9. Zugg
      Zsolaith I have at least one friend (actually I do have more friends but I degress) who would like to check out OSD GW2 this weekend. The name he goes by is Uncontroled but he don't know what name he will be able to use in game. I told him what beta server we use and our Vent info. I told him to tell you that Zugg refered him.

      There maybe another Canadian also coming not sure and his name is Skystalker.

      Both are great guys I have played FPS games with for about 16 years +....since Mechwarrior days.

    10. sithlordmoore
    11. Raust
      All requested aspects are accomplished, now I wait :D im soo excited!
    12. sithlordmoore
      I tried to RSVP to the VENT MEET n' GREET and said I did not have permission.
    13. froztier
      hei zso,all the image in guild wars 2 thread.. for example the image that you post on beta screenshot.. i even cannot see your signature.. it keeps saying that you have to register your domain.. i don't know what to do... thx zso
    14. Lord Azazel
      Lord Azazel
      Thanks so much !.
    15. Zsolaith
      I've granted him access, however he was too post his application in the SILVER GATES forum which is accessible by all visitors.
    16. klown07
      Hello Zso, Kenjamin was finally able to learn how to apply to the guild. He said he needs access to the forums to post his application, just a heads up :)
    17. Zsolaith
      I'm not sure i understand, Froztier. Which images can you not see? You should see all of them... unless you are referring to older Age of Conan RP threads that contain many images of mine that i was hosting but are no longer viewable (i have to update the links).

      Please elaborate. :)
    18. froztier
      hei zso, can u register this domain in imageshack so i can view your posted images?... thx...
    19. Lord Azazel
      Lord Azazel
      I responded to your pm :).
    20. Zsolaith
      Nope. No changes or anything. I logged in to find you to reinvite but your name isn't coming up as valid. Maybe they mistakenly moved you to a different home server? Not sure.
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    November 15
    Toronto, Ont, Canada


    GUILD WARS 2: Founder, Division Leader Jan 2012-Apr 2013 *Retired*
    Zsolaith (Warrior, Human 53)
    Lord of the Rings Online: Founder, Kinship Leader *Inactive*
    Zsolaith (Guardian, Human 58) - Zsandalf (Lore-Master, Human 46) - Zsodo (Burglar - Hobbit 27) - Beralthin (Human - Captain 11)
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