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May 31, 2020
Jan 9, 2006
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Busy next few weeks at work. Meh! Oct 18, 2016

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May 31, 2020
    1. Sook
      Busy next few weeks at work. Meh!
    2. Sook
      Ready to play some DDO!
    3. Velimos
      HI sook are you playing NWO?
      if so look me up there @mycmarvin
    4. chris smith
      chris smith
      mr sook i know i have been away for a long time but im hoping im still in good standing with this fine guild i am on the west coast now and just started playing swtor i am playing on the all of light server currently and would like to be a member of this fine guild in the game this is the only guild i have ever had fun playing with and i could trust to help me out in the game
    5. War
      Just saw you declared tge Acos a official advisary on the swtor guiod page, will be nice to see you all again, even if it is while im shotting wit with my rockets and flame thrower :-) See ya from the darkside

      PSChange that damn picture of yourself, its been there for like 6 years, im sure your more grey now;-)
    6. F'lar Mnementh
      F'lar Mnementh
      How's it going, Sook! Been a while since I touched base with OSD. Friend from Galaxies had me lost in Azeroth for about 2-½ years! Very nice to see OSD going strong and look forward to running with OSD in TOR. Hope to see you there! :)
    7. StormBlade
      hey Soook how are ya see ya floating around out there
    8. Nubzcrymore
      Hello sprig sent me a pm suggesting that my forum name should be changed as it may be offensive, so if you guys believe that is so i have no intention on offending people so if you could just change it to obsidionwolf
    9. Kelsonn Woodhelvan
      Kelsonn Woodhelvan
      Would you mind changing my account name for this website from Kelsonn Woodhelvan to Orefind, if possible? Kelsonn was my first DDO character, and I rarely play him. I mostly play Orefind, who is my main. Trying to avoid the /alias command on the character I play the most. Thx.
    10. Kelsonn Woodhelvan
      Kelsonn Woodhelvan
      *This message has been modified from the original. It has been resized to fit your monitor*
    11. Bytor
      Also if need be I can prolly get a good referance from Khari.
    12. Bytor
      Hello sir
      I am interested in joining your guild but I'm not sure if I completed all the app. requirements and cant seem to find that again.
    13. Kaiyn
      Hi! Looking for Calendar privledges...posted on forum, let me know if I am missing any steps. Thanks.
      1. Sook likes this.
    14. StormBlade
      Made my post.... as scary as it is!
    15. Pirisies
      Hey Sook ,Pirisies here how do i join the guild once i have reg here im eather very blind or just plain stupid i think the latter of the 2 but i realy cant find a link lol
    16. Tweaked
      Hey Boss. . . .
    17. Kastree
      sook, i need that sub forum for my D&D PnP campaign
    18. zitrOnoR

      I would inquire as to the matter if in game or IRL tiddings are required?

    19. Dread
      Sook, I give u the DREAD .. lead me and we will have no prob, kill im the DREAD.
    20. Dread
      The Dread to the end KILL KILL I am the DREAD!
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