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Junior Drake, 48, from Utah

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    1. Yndrofian
      just a note to say i thought of you today.

      you rock. i miss running w/your wizzy

      hope all is well.

      your osd brother
    2. Remington
      The Pit - Made easy.

      Hi everyone.
      As a new member to the guild, I thought, what is one thing I could do that would benefit the entire guild? Well, the answer I came up with was to put up my walkthrough of The Pit. If you follow these directions, you will not get lost on the runways, and the puzzles can be done much quicker. (Um... your Jump issues are still your own though, sorry. :P ) So here it goes...

      1. Start off going left, go Down to First Cross Over. Cross and go Up until you come to the Acid Valve. (I consider this spot a Cross Over as well) Cross and go up to Puzzle Room.

      The Puzzle is very easy; you just do an X with the levers. In other words, just hit the four corners and the center.

      2. From the Puzzle Room, go down to First Cross Over, Cross and go down to Second Cross Over, Stay on this path until you reach the Furnace. (First Chest can be found in here, along with the first shrine.)

      Important point to remember, Each Furnace has a valve with a blue gem over it. You must turn these if you want to try for a Muckdoom at the end. (Um... I still haven't gotten one, so, if anyone gets one, don't tease me with it. :P )

      3. From the Furnace, Go up to Cross Over, Cross, and continue going Up to Pit Security.

      I don't know how to post images, so I will just describe them the best I can.

      Yellow: Looks kind of like a bug, Straight line down center with two lines on the right, and four on the left.

      Green: Looks kind of like an elephant.

      Blue: Looks like a tree on a hill.

      Red: Looks kind of like a man sitting with his arms stretched out in front.

      Purple: Looks like a hook at the top, and 3 short lines on the left side.

      Orange: Looks like the letter H.

      The symbols are hidden throughout the room, so If you don't understand any of that, just clear the room and look for them.)

      4. From Pit Security, Go Down to Cross Over, Cross, and go Down to Furnace. (Second Chest can be found in here. And yes, you need to jump for it.)

      5. From Furnace, Go Up to Cross Over, Stay on path, going up to Main Breaker Room.

      Keep in mind; this is a very chaotic area. But if everyone has Greater Lightning Resist and have like three people do the levers and the rest healing/fighting, its not too bad. (The Third Chest is found here, it is sometimes trapped.)

      6. From the Main Breaker Room, Go Down to Cross Over, Stay on the path going down until you come to the Main Control Room. (I would suggest one or two people working on the floor tiles, while the rest fight and heal.) Also the second shrine is in the hallway to the left of entrance.))

      7. From the Main Control Room. Go Up to the Bilge Control Room. The room is very easy, just go in and flip a lever. The Third Shrine is behind a hidden door.

      8. From the Bilge Control Room, go Down to the Furnace. I found that only having two people go up, while the rest (cleric included) stay down and fight/heal. (The Third and Fourth Chest can be found in here. My suggestion is to send five people up, so you can have three people kill the named.)

      9. From the Furnace, go Up to Cross Over, Cross, and go up to the Intake Control Room.

      Buff up before going in, I suggest Acid/Lightning, Stoneskin, Heroism, and if you can, Bard Songs and Barkskin.

      I found that if you stay at the top of the stairs with Web, Solid Fog and Cloud kill, and have one person go down and touch the water and run back up, that the mobs will come up to you. Also, when the first wave is done, I would send one person to go to the right waterfall to get that mob to the stairs, and then to the left, and once more in the center.
      (The Fifth and Sixth Chests are in here.)

      Bonus Chest: Once the quest is over, if people want to, get acid resist up and muckbane ready. Also, be sure to have Feather Fall on. Jump down into the lava, kill the 2 Oozes and then go fight the Avatar. (Good luck getting Muck Doom.)

      Oh yeah... Since I was nice and put this walkthrough up... maybe you could find it in your heart, to pass me your first Muckdoom... you know, as a 'Thanks for making this painful quest slightly less painful'. emoticon

      Velveteen - The wanna be Tank, Ranger
    3. Lotusius
      Hey by the way man I have a decent amount of parts for the computer I may be able to hook you up with. Let me know what you need and I will see what I can do. Motherboards and processors are the 2 things I know i don't have.
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