New Profile Posts

  1. Euranthan
    Thinking of coming back, what is everyone doing. Lots new faces.
  2. Collanáro
    I'm baaaaack!
  3. Doctorhoo
    For any OSD members looking to play FFXIV please check out our website or contact me with a PM thru Discord.
  4. Life_Saver
    Life_Saver Prambalina
    Hey its been a long time.. dont even know if you game anymore. But was wondering if your going to be playing ashes of creation when it comes out? or if you know anyone that will. Trying to figure things out i guess lol
  5. Zususana
    Zususana Tink05051984
    I'm back in the game after a year plus off and guess where I'm from - yep, Chattanooga. My son, AlbertusMagnus got me into the game but he's on another server. He and his friends are real pros.
  6. Vorn
    Whatever happened to the Blog part of the site? DIdn't we use to be able to blog things?
  7. Vorn
    Well bummer about some of the folks who got me to start playing SWTOR are moving on.
  8. Casro
    Left guild 1/11/17
  9. Vorn
    SWTOR update: V as the Outlander (Watchman) and Smuggler trying to finish chapter two at 70. All others in various stages of 60-ness
  10. Riixie
    In school. Plays during breaks. Enjoys RP & magic oriented fantasy games.
  11. Vorn
    Have been spending most of the gaming time on SWTOR playing an Imp side Sorc name Phaerex (Phaere was taken??!!). Where is Rar's liver?
  12. Vorn
    Whatever happened to our blog pages?
  13. RolandPrime
    Till All Are One!
  14. Sook
    Busy next few weeks at work. Meh!
  15. ArrogantWorm
    Currently working hard on lots of stuff behind the curtain, don't mind all the noise you'll find out what that is later...
  16. Sook
    Ready to play some DDO!
  17. Jace
    Coffee and House Music
  18. Doctorhoo
    Loving the New 3.0 Website!
  19. Mokaphyyr
    Reduced living preparing for career changes.
  20. MysteriousStranger
    I could tell you but then I would have to... make you spend the evening in a closed room with Seldonia and that would just be unpleasant.